97 Ways to Stay Sexy

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YOU are beautiful and brilliant. And sexy. Not in the way others are sexy, but in the sensual rare way you are sexy...

Your body is a divine work of art. Your face a flower… the way you walk in a room, light up a room, make every head turn, you have something special people dont see everyday.
Let Shakaya take you on a journey in 97 ways to fully experience and maintain your radiance and vitality, your sizzle and sass.

With sensual beauty rituals, Shakaya will inspire you to feel like a Goddess, a Legend, and an Icon.

97 Ways To Stay Sexy will guide you to indulge your body, mind, heart and Spirit to align with the most beautiful and powerful parts of yourself, to experience and embody your essence and to feel like the unique and special enchantress you are.
How it works

Download this app and keep it with you always! Any time you need a pick me up, or you want to go even higher than you already feel, spin the wheel. Itll take you to the card that youre meant to read right now. Let its words float into your heart. Flip the card for more words of love and sexy wisdom. Click the links to go further whenever you want. This book of sexiness is your personal guide to being the most scrummy you ever. Enjoy, in joy!

About Shakaya

Shakaya Leone is a Sensual Stylist, wife and mother. Shes the author of Naked Beauty, Nude Food and World Detox Day. She has partnered up with Shazzie to bring you her delicious words that will leave you in no doubt… that you are one hot mama!